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Wholesale Seed Rack Sales

Wholesale Seed Packs for Rack Sales

Please contact us at service@tradewindsfruit.com for information about our wholesale seed pack program. We have many of our seeds available for bulk pack purchase, designed for retail seed rack sales. Increase interest at your store with our wide variety of unique seed offerings from around the world, many rarely available before to retail store customers!

Seed packets are available year round and will include seeds packed for the current year, up until November 1st, where all packs will be packed for the following year.


Retail prices are not printed on packets so you can set the price as you wish. Suggested retail pricing is $2.50-$2.99 per pack.


Ordering is easy! Contact us and we will set you up as a wholesale customer where you will have access to our wholesale pack category. Items are already discounted for purchase and you can choose which items and how many of each item you would like to purchase. There are no programs to sign up for, you buy only what you want!

Minimum order is $100. Minimum purchase 5 packs per item.


Please note that only seed packets listed in the wholesale category are available for bulk discount purchase. Only seed packets are available at wholesale pricing, bulk seeds are not included. We do not offer physical seed racks at this time.

    There are no products in this category.


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