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  • Amish Paste Tomato

    Amish Paste Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. An Amish heirloom bearing 6-8oz., egg-shaped fruits. The fruits have a high quality, strong flavor and are quite meaty and juicy, with few seeds. While delicious out-of-hand, the...

  • Artocarpus heterophyllus x integer - Cheena

    Artocarpus heterophyllus x integer - Cheena

    1 seed per pack. Seeds are from the delicious Cheena, a jackfruit cross having Chempedak (A. integer) genes. Excellent sweet and smooth flavor with thin skin. Culture is similar to the jackfruit. Fruits are quite large and...

  • Beauty King Tomato

    Beauty King Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. A giant and beautiful bicolor, also with great flavor! Beauty King is a recent introduction, the result of a cross between Green Zebra and Big Rainbow. Fruits can grow up to a pound...

  • Bi-Color Cherry Tomato

    Bi-Color Cherry Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. A very interesting and still rare variety of cherry tomato bearing standard cherry-sized fruits with a wonderful sweet flavor that has overtones of honey. Fruits can rate up with...

  • Burmese Okra

    Burmese Okra

    (Abelmoschus esculentus) 25 seeds per pack. A wonderful okra from Asia, bearing nearly spineless pods up to 12" long. Pods are slender and ripen to a light green, with hints of yellow. Tender and sweet, can even be eaten...

  • Cherry Tomato Mix

    Cherry Tomato Mix

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. A delightful and comprehensive mix of cherry tomatoes! Delight in a rainbow of colors with a mix of seeds that include green, red, yellow, chocolate, orange and even bicolored...

  • Dakota Black Popcorn

    Dakota Black Popcorn

    (Zea mays) 25 seeds per pack. An uncommon variety of popcorn, with deep, deep red kernels that are so red, they look black! Plants grow to 5-7ft, with full-sized, 7-8" ears. #2292 Open pollinated. 95-100 days. Detailed seed...

  • Dragon Carrot

    Dragon Carrot

    (Daucus carota) 250 seeds per pack. A truly stunning heirloom carrot, the Dragon Carrot produces bright, dark-purple colored carrots with an orange interior. Beautiful to look at, and even better to eat. Flavor is slightly...

  • Early Girl Tomato

    Early Girl Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 12 seeds per pack. Usually the earliest tomato to mature, the Early Girl is a highly popular selection for short-seasons. Fruits grow to 4-6oz. Nice flavor, juicy, medium in size. #596 F1 Hybrid...

  • Garcinia macrophylla - Bacuripari

    Garcinia macrophylla - Bacuripari

    1 seed per pack. A fairly rare mangosteen relative, bearing 2-3", rounded yellow-orange fruits with sometimes thin, but very tasty white pulp. Native to the Amazon lowlands but with more cold tolerance than the...

  • Garcinia prainiana - Button Mangosteen

    Garcinia prainiana - Button Mangosteen

    1 seed per pack. An uncommon mangosteen relative, with delicious, small orange fruits that have a uniquely tasty flavor, sweet and sour, which some liken to a tangerine. Grows on a small, tropical tree with a height of...

  • Moringa concanensis - Konkan Moringa

    Moringa concanensis - Konkan Moringa

    5 seeds per pack. A much lesser known Horseradish Tree, native to India. Shows some similarities to M. oleifera with an interesting history that continues to be studied. Some sources suggest this species has uses both...

  • Musa sikkimensis - Darjeeling Banana

    Musa sikkimensis - Darjeeling Banana

    5 seeds per pack. A rare and beautiful banana from the Himalaya's. The Darjeeling Banana bears sweet edible fruits but is best known for its spectacular cold tolerance, able to survive temperatures to 10F! Huge ornamental...

  • Myrtus communis - Myrtle

    Myrtus communis - Myrtle

    15 seeds per pack. Pretty, compact bush or tree with aromatic leaves, bearing almond sized, dark blue fruit. Fruits are eaten and used as spices in the Mediterranean region. Grows well in subtropical climates, hardy to 20F...

  • Ocimum basilicum - Genovese Basil

    Ocimum basilicum - Genovese Basil

    800 seeds per pack. A very popular basil variety, having a lot of similarities to Italian Large Leaf. Mature plants have an intense, classic basil flavor along with large, rounded leaves. Grows to 18-24". #2899

  • Pimpinella anisum - Anise

    Pimpinella anisum - Anise

    500 seeds per pack. The amazingly aromatic anise plant is a small annual growing to about 2ft. Its seeds have a strong, pleasing scent and are used to flavor cooking. The leaves also contain the scented oil and like the...

  • Red Sword Bean

    Red Sword Bean

    (Canavalia gladiata) 3 seeds per pack. A large edible bean with pods that somewhat resemble a sword. Seeds are from the red-seeded variety. Commonly used as a vegetable in parts of India southeast Asia and Africa...

  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot

    Scarlet Nantes Carrot

    (Daucus carota) 2000 seeds per pack. An old and versatile variety, the Scarlet Nantes produces beautiful, slender, red-orange carrots that grow to 7" long by 1-2" wide. The carrots have small cores meaning more of the...

  • Simmondsia chinensis - Jojoba Nut

    Simmondsia chinensis - Jojoba Nut

    5 seeds per pack. Desert shrub bearing the jojoba nut, an edible nut tasting somewhat like a hazelnut. The jojoba is famously known as the source of jojoba oil, an oil with important uses in cosmetics and skin care. The...

  • Stelechocarpus burahol - Kepel

    Stelechocarpus burahol - Kepel

    1 seed per pack. An rare relative in the Annonaceae family (cherimoya, sugar apple). Bears brown fruits about the size of an orange, with highly aromatic flesh that has a passing taste resemblance to fruity-coconut. Fruits...

  • White Boston Lettuce

    White Boston Lettuce

    (Lactuca sativa) 2000 seeds per pack. A great pick for butterhead lettuce, improved from the Big Boston variety. Leaves are light green, with mild ruffling and a classic mild, buttery flavor. Heads grow to 12". 75 days...

  • Myrciaria x - Red Hybrid Jaboticaba

    Myrciaria x - Red Hybrid Jaboticaba

    2 seeds per pack. A rare and newly introduced jaboticaba, this variety is best known for being fast bearing from seed. Standard jaboticaba's can take up to 8-10 years to fruit from seed, while this variety has fruited in as...

  • Ten Fingers of Naples Tomato

    Ten Fingers of Naples Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 25 seeds per pack. An attractive paste and canning tomato, originally an Italian heirloom. Heavy clusters, with fruits growing up to 5-6", with an excellent sweet flavor. #4726 Open pollinated...

  • Plinia cauliflora - Acu Paulista

    Plinia cauliflora - Acu Paulista

    1 seed per pack. A wonderful red-fruited variety of Jaboticaba, originally selected from the Otto Anderson collection. Superior to the Paulista variety in that it can bear fruits in just 4 years from seed. The delicious...

  • Eleutherococcus senticosus - Siberian Ginseng

    Eleutherococcus senticosus - Siberian Ginseng

    8 seeds per pack. A small, deciduous shrub native to parts of temperate Asia. Most famous as a medicinal, with a number of applications in traditional medicine. Also grown as an ornamental, with attractive 5-lobed leaves and...

  • Indigo Cherry Drops Tomato

    Indigo Cherry Drops Tomato

    (Solanum lycopersicum) 10 seeds per pack. Derived from the popular Indigo Rose, this new variety features smaller 1-2 ounce fruits with improved flavor and beautiful coloring. Fruits are born in nice clusters and ripen to...

  • Myrciaria x - Escalarte Jaboticaba

    Myrciaria x - Escalarte Jaboticaba

    1 seed per pack. A beautiful and precocious jaboticaba of hybrid origin. Has a number of similarities to the Red Hybrid Jaboticaba, although this variety may be an even faster grower, with some trees fruiting in as little as...

  • Sweet Bonnet Pepper

    Sweet Bonnet Pepper

    (Capsicum chinense) 15 seeds per pack. A delicious and mostly heat-free scotch bonnet pepper, having the fruity sweetness without the spice. Peppers ripen to red and initially have the sensation of some heat, but without...

  • Elaeagnus latifolia - Indian Olive

    Elaeagnus latifolia - Indian Olive

    6 seeds per pack. a.k.a. Bastard Oleander. A lesser known edible fruit from the Himalayan region. Fruits are small, elongated, red ripening, with acidic pulp that is eaten fresh or used in preserves. The fruits are high in a...

  • Clavija longifolia - Ornate Clavija

    2 seeds per pack. A lesser known rain forest tree with a palm-like growth habit that has small, rounded, edible orange fruits. The fruits look kind of like little marbles and are borne in large clusters directly from the...

  • Cordia dodecandra - Ziricote

    Cordia dodecandra - Ziricote

    2 seeds per pack. An edible fruited Cordia, with 2", white-yellow fruits that have a passing resemblance to the loquat. Fruits have a sweetly acidic flavor and are considered a delicacy in some areas. Commercially cultivated...

  • Xanthoceras sorbifolium - Yellowhorn

    Xanthoceras sorbifolium - Yellowhorn

    3 seeds per pack. An attractive ornamental tree, native to China, yielding edible seeds (when cooked) that taste a bit like chestnuts. The flowers and leaves are also eaten cooked, and used as vegetables. A deciduous shrub,...

  • Byrsonima crassifolia - Red Nance

    Byrsonima crassifolia - Red Nance

    3 seeds per pack. Seeds are from a less common red fruited nance. A well-known fruit through much of the Caribbean and parts of tropical America. Bears small fruits to about 1/2" wide with varying sweetly acid flavor. The...

  • Myrciaria vexator - Blue Grape

    Myrciaria vexator - Blue Grape

    1 seed per pack. Possibly the best tasting of the Myrciaria species, the blue grape resembles a large purple grape and has well-flavored, sweet, grape-berry flavored pulp. Fruits can be eaten out of hand or used in drinks...

  • Passiflora caerulea - Blue Passion Flower

    Passiflora caerulea - Blue Passion Flower

    15 seeds per pack. Very hardy passion flower vine to 10F. Fast-growing, vigorous vine produces beautiful white/blue flowers with a strong fruity-minty scent much like feijoa fruits. Flowers are followed by medium sized...

  • Dialium guineense - Velvet Tamarind

    Dialium guineense - Velvet Tamarind

    2 seeds per pack. An African native fruit tree, bearing large clusters of fuzzy, dark purple-black fruits. Popular as a small scale commercial crop. Fruits have a tangy, somewhat candy like flavor, and are reminiscent of the...



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